high speed internet for rural country area

Connecting Rural and
RV Communities

No Contracts. No Fees. No Surprises. Unlimited.

We moved to the beautiful rural Inland Northwest and quickly realized the internet options were extremely limited. That is, until we customized and created our own. Now, streaming our favorite shows and working from home remotely is no longer a problem! Word of mouth spread, and soon, we were helping connect others who lacked reliable internet options in the country.


In simple terms, we provide connection to nearby cell towers through powerful, customized modems and routers built and serviced by Reach INW. No contracts, no headaches. We provide month-to-month service for you at competitive prices that beat slow satellite speeds.
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We offer membership options that provide connection using the latest cellular technology for high-speed wireless internet service.

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Our customized Reach hotspots and routers connect to nearby cellular towers, providing high-speed internet data connections for rural areas.

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Our custom-built Reach devices provide a high-speed Wi-Fi signal so you have fast, reliable internet access on all your home and office devices such as laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more!


For the DIYers who aren't local to the Inland Northwest, we offer a selection of curated modems, routers and accessories to get you going.

client reviews

With Reach INW, I am now able to FaceTime my grandkids and stream shows online. Living in the country has many advantages, but for us, good internet was next to impossible until John helped us set up a customized modem and router to boost our Wi-Fi signal. Not only that, but we now have stable internet during bad storms, which was always an issue with our previous satellite provider. We are very pleased with the service and attention to detail Reach INW provides and couldn't be happier.

Millard B.

Shopping online at my favorite stores is a lot easier now!
Especially during this past year with the pandemic.

Sherry B.

When the pandemic hit, I panicked. We live in the country and providing my kids with remote schooling was becoming a nightmare. Reach INW was able to get us up and running with faster internet than we've ever had before. We are very happy with the results! Thank you John!

Kayla S.


No Contracts

We offer month-to-month memberships for high-speed wireless internet. No contracts like other larger companies, so you can cancel at any time.

Customer Service

Since we are local to the Inland Northwest, Reach INW provides hands-on, customized service. Technical difficulties? When you call Reach, you'll talk to a local person and receive customized, real-time help.